Thirty thank yous

In this, the last week of my twenties, I’m taking the time to say thank you for the good things served up by the past decade of my life. I am thankful

1. For physical health and strength.

2. That when my mental health was suffering, I had access to the help I needed.

3. For old friends who stay near and remind me of things I’ve forgotten about my own life.

4. For the man to whom I was married for six years, two months and one day. I miss my friend so dearly.

5. For great novels, especially Middlemarch.

6. That even though I moved house at least 12 times (often not my choice), I always had a roof over my head.

7. For the relief that comes from finally telling the truth. Authenticity and integrity were worth the pain it took to get me here.

8. That I got to see so much of the country where I live.

9. For the songs, some that I wrote but mostly that others wrote, that gave expression to my experience when I couldn’t let it out any other way.

10. For a great psychologist. Find one and hold on for dear life.

11. For a reliable, thorough GP. Get yourself one of those, too.

12. For the humility and healing of hindsight.

13. For Ollie, the best sausage dog that ever lived.

14. For the boss I prayed to have who became the friend I never could’ve dreamed to call my own!

15. That I have photos to illustrate so many stories worth remembering.

16. For the explosion of perspective about God and truth these years have lobbed at me.

17. For the privilege of education – receiving it and giving it.

18. For fire and alcohol, two magical substances.

19. For the friendship and example of my precious mother.

20. For my car. We’ve seen some things together.

21. That my brain is still plastic enough to unlearn and relearn.

22. For bush walks and art galleries, which I hated as a kid.

23. For old stuff. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

24. That a good night’s sleep does a world of good at any age.

25. For love. It exists.

26. That I’ve begun to know the difference between loneliness and solitude, seeing both as gift but only one as inevitability.

27. That I found a sense of belonging in a church community during a time when I really needed it.

28. That I got the chance to record my own music in a real studio.

29. That I have kind friends who are older than me, whose empathy has cushioned many a fall.

30. For the enjoyment I get from writing.

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