The Thank You Series: #5

It’s not Chateau Orquevaux but another beautiful building where I sit to write this long-overdue update on my writing projects for 2020.

This week I’m in Canberra – specifically, I’m in the Main Reading Room of the National Library of Australia – collating, editing and stitching together pieces I’ve written over the course of the past ten months. (By the way, I was shocked to find that this year I’ve written close to 40,000 words in my word processing app!)

I feel very at home in places where trees and books outnumber people. Outside, the sky’s blue over Ngunnawal country, the streets are wide and shady, the roundabouts abound. Inside, the desks have leather tops and silence isn’t forced.

I can afford to take this week to write thanks to my friends’ and relatives’ generosity. Their donations towards the writers’ residency I would have been on this month are funding this time. (I plan to also use those funds for two more concentrated, week-long writing sessions before the end of the year or early in 2021.)

Thank you for supporting me and my writing!

1 thought on “The Thank You Series: #5”

  1. “I feel very at home in places where trees and books outnumber people.”
    I know the feeling, Stephanie! Thank you for your thoughtful texts! Dx


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